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Twineeds Case Study
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Twineeds is a company which help freelancer and other professionnal to collaborate with companies looking for support. Our Google Suggest creation tool contribute to the success of their marketing strategy .

Here's the result of Twineeds traffic growth when using our services.

1/ Which keyword to create a perfectly suited Google Suggest?

We selected the keyword: "responsable achat" (purchasing manager) due to its utmost relevance for Twineed's business. The monthly total search volume for this keyword is 590 in France more than 1,700 of monthly search volume in the world for "responsable achat":

Responsable achat keyword result (Semrush)

Monthly search volume is 1,700 potential customers search for this keyword every month.

2/ How did we craft the Google Suggest?

We employed strategic link building and meticulously fostered brand trust for Twineeds. Since Twineed's target country are all the french speaking, our focus was on establishing a robust authority on those country. Creating a Google Suggest is no easy task on Google when it isn't on ".com" , but we accomplished it within a month.

When users search the keyword: "responsable achat" on Google. It even appears with only "Responsable", which get more than 8,000 of volume just in France each month:

Responsable keyword result (Semrush)

3/ What impact did it have on Twineed's business?

In terms of SEO, Twineeds witnessed remarkable improvements of 40% increase of organic traffic from May 1 to May 31, 2023.

Results of Twineeds Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic rise for UseViral

What are you waiting for?

If you desire the same growth results as Twineeds, get in touch with us.

We'll collaborate with you to devise the best strategy tailored to your business.

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