What is Google Suggest Autocomplete?

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What is Google Suggest Autocomplete?
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1/ What is it? How does it work?

Google Suggest, also known as Google Autocomplete, is a Search Engine Optimization feature that automatically provides search query suggestions as users enter keywords into the search box.

Based on keyword popularity and relevance, Google offers the most suitable search queries directly below the search box.

Google requires substantial popularity and validation from authoritative sources to recognize a term.

Today, Suggest Agency will share insights about this remarkable feature and its marketing applications.

The Suggest Agency service offers Google Autocomplete functionality.

2/ For what?

- For users, Google Suggest provides the following benefits:

  • Time-saving search experience
  • Helpful keyword suggestions
  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Remembering previously searched keywords

- For SEO professionals, this tool aids in:

  • Conducting keyword research
  • Tracking search trends
  • Directing customers to easily access products and services

3/ How to?

- Creating Google Suggest involves:

  • Combining keywords with brand competition
  • Incorporating keywords into the domain

While creating a Suggest requires significant effort, you can now use the Google Suggest Creation Service.

User queries related to a particular topic help Google understand the current user interests and preferences.

Google Suggest can be a powerful SEO strategy to enhance brand visibility.

Short keywords are highly competitive, but by adding specific features or details, longer, less competitive keywords can be formed. However, these longer keywords may not have search volume.

Focusing on long keywords that appear in Google Suggest is the recommended approach. Implementing multiple methods concurrently rather than individually yields more visits and improves the position in Google Suggest. While Google Suggest is influenced by SEO, it's crucial for SEO professionals to recognize that this feature can impact a brand's or individual's reputation.

- Why removing autosuggest:

In some instances, brands may receive negative suggestions in Google Suggest after a significant scandal. For example, when searching for "Lazada," Google may suggest "Phishing Lazada."

In such cases, SEO efforts should aim to present the affected brand, product, or company with a positive message to customers, as it is an essential part of promotion.

Ideally, this leads to a change in search queries, gradually removing negative additions from Google Suggestions.

Furthermore, Google Suggest can also enhance a brand's positive reputation.

For website owners, Google Suggest serves as a valuable keyword tool, similar to Google AdWords.

It assists in identifying keywords for website optimization and finding relevant search combinations to achieve higher rankings.

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